Tawam Oncology Center is the main provider of comprehensive cancer care in the United Arab Emirates and continues to be at the forefront of cancer treatment in the Gulf region.


Tawam Oncology Center offers patients access to the latest technologies to diagnose, stage and monitor cancers, including high-resolution spiral CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET-CT scans (offered by our community partner Tawam Molecular Imaging Center), along with state-of-the-art pathology services.


The array of treatment options includes:

  • Cancer surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Monoclonal antibody therapy
  • Radiation therapy


Through our state-of-the-art cancer diagnosis and care, patients have access to clinical trials and a full range of support care services to improve their health and quality of life. Many of these services are not available elsewhere in the UAE under the umbrella of a single entity multidisciplinary cancer center.


The Medical Oncology/Hematology division has over 40 beds and admits over 1,800 patients per year and provides a range of cutting-edge treatment options which include systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies, regional chemotherapy, intra-hepatic chemo embolization, radiofrequency ablation (in association with radiology department), immunotherapy, biological treatments and others. All therapy is given in accordance with the internationally recognised standard – the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) clinical practice guidelines.


The Radiation Oncology service receives an average of 600 new patient referrals each year and is equipped with two state- of-the-art linear accelerators, the only tomotherapy unit and brachytherapy facility in the UAE. With this technology, the department is able to provide treatment options for several types of cancer. Rapid access to radiotherapy is key to achieving long-term survival rates. Our Department meets industry standard waiting time targets for both radical and palliative radiotherapy.


Radiotherapy treatment is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of doctors (Radiotherapists), medical physicists and therapeutic radiographers. Tawam Hospital was for many years the sole provider of radiation therapy in the UAE. It is renowned in the region for its highly-skilled and innovative staff who are at the heart of all its achievements.


The Palliative Care Program at Tawam Oncology Center is unique in the UAE. The service has a dedicated in-patient unit with 10 beds available and admits an average of 200 patients a year. The goal of our team is to help patients achieve the highest possible quality of life throughout every stage of illness. The palliative care team applies a wide variety of clinical techniques to address medical, emotional and social needs important to patients and their families.


Surgical Oncology at Tawam Hospital is offered to patients with solid tumors with the areas of expertise in breast, skin, sarcoma, gastro-intestinal tract including liver and pancreas, head and neck, lung, gynaecological, renal, urinary tract and prostate cancers.


Tawam Breast Care Center, a dedicated service, provides comprehensive breast care services from screening and diagnostic imaging to comprehensive surgical and post-surgical care. Over 3,000 screening and diagnositic mammograms are performed annually, with an average of 4,000 patient attendance annually at the breast care clinic and over 200 cases receiving breast surgery.

A critical component of Tawam Cancer Center is the multidisciplinary approach to patient care led by the Cancer Services Committee which is a standing committee of the Medical Staff. It is multidisciplinary and provides leadership to the Cancer Program. The Cancer Committee is responsible for goal setting, planning, initiating, implementing, evaluating and improving all cancer-related activities in the facility. Another critical component of the multidisciplinary approach to patient care is the Tumor board. New patient referrals are discussed and reviewed by the Tumor Board, ensuring that each patient receives the appropriate care as agreed by a panel of clinicals from all relevant specialities who work together to ensure optimal care is provided within established , evidence-based standards of practice.


The Oncology Center is active in the area of clinical research and clinical trials and houses the Oncology Research and Clinical Trials Office. There are currently 15 active/ recruiting clinical trials in the fields of medical oncology and haematology with nine ongoing retrospective/prospective research studies. The department is also published regularly in peer review journals while clinicians participate actively in regional and worldwide conferences.


Tawam Hospital has established two cancer registry structures. One is Central Cancer Registry (CCR), which is a population-based registry for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the other is Tawam Cancer Registry (TCR), a hospital-based registry. The Central Cancer Registry is the only population-based registry in the United Arab Emirates and aims to cover the residential population of Abu Dhabi. It collects information about new cancer cases and produces cancer statistics. It is a reliable and unique data resource for cancer information and research that began collecting data back in 1998. Annually, an average of 1,500 new reportable cancer cases are added to the Cancer registry.


Recent CCR work has expanded to include the analysis of aspects of cancer treatment to monitor care patterns. The CCR can assess how local and national targets for cancer services provisions are met and can contribute important information to the planning of services. It routinely contributes data to the other authorities and is an associate member of International Association of Cancer Registries.


Oncologists and radiation oncologists collaborate with other departments and divisions at Tawam Hospital to provide comprehensive cancer care including:


  • Laboratory and Pathology services have contracts with leading external reference laboratories for any specialized services not provided by Tawam Hospital such as cancer risk assessment and genetic testing. Pharmacy department delivers a patient-centred comprehensive clinical, supply and dispensing service as well as provision of information on usage of medicines to both doctors and patients. In addition, pharmacy specialist staff provides oncology and chemotherapy services utilizing a state-of-the-art chemotherapy/cytotoxic preparations. Clinical Imaging department provides the full range of diagnostic imaging services as well as selected therapeutic techniques to inpatients as well as outpatients.
  • Tawam Molecular Imaging Cent is a community partner that offers dedicated PET-CT facility on campus. PET-CT is a gold standard imaging methodology used in diagnosis and staging of cancer disease and the subsequent monitoring of cancer treatment. Clinical Nutrition provides medical nutrition therapy and diet education to inpatients and outpatients and family members at Tawam Hospital.


Patients at Tawam Oncology Center are supported by Psychiatrists, Patient Counsellors, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers who participate actively in its multidisciplinary patient care process.