Conference Chair

Dr. Nellie Boma
Chair of Quality
Tawam Hospital

Scientific Committee Members

Dr. Khalid Saeed Balaraj
Chair of Department, Radiotherapy
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Aladdin Mohamed Maarraoui
Chief, Hematology/Oncology
Mafraq Hospital

Dr. Gokul Parayil Sathyarathnam
Chief, Medical Oncology
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Dr. Shaheena Dawood
Head, Medical Oncology
Dubai Hospital

Dr. Ali Abdulraziq
Radiation Oncologist/span>
Gulf International Care Center

Dr. Dae Young Kim
Consultant Physician, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Deputy Chair of Oncology Center, Representative of the Department of Hemato-Oncology
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital – Ras Al Khaimah

Dr. Nellie Boma
Deputy CMO, Oncology Service
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Arif Alam
Chief, Hematology
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Muhammad Zafar Javed
Chief, Palliative Care
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Mohammad Fahmi Al Bashi
Chief, General Surgery, Breast Care Center
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Fathi Azribi
Chief of Medical Oncology
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Muhammad Faisal Khanani
Chief, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Saad Aswad
Chairman, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Raashid Intesar Shahbazi
Chairman, Surgery Department
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Alfelasi
Chief, ENT/Maxillofacial Surgery,
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Rizwan Syed
Chairman, Clinical Imaging
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Ziad Peerwani
Chairman, Laboratory Department
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Nouri Bennini
Consultant Medical Oncologist
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Nadeem Pervez
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Maria Aamir
Manager, Cancer Registry
Tawam Hospital

Dr. Mahmoud Hassan
Associate Director of Nursing
Tawam Hospital

Ms. Mariam Saeed Al Nuaimi
Senior Operations Officer, Oncology Services
Tawam Hospital

Organizing Committee

Khalifa Al Shamsi
Chair of Committee, Chief of Finance Department
Tawam Hospital

Maryam Khalfan Khamis Alamimi
Co-Chair of Committee, Marketing, PR and Media Manager
Tawam Hospital

Muhammad Al Jabiri
Organizing Member, Director of Engineering
Tawam Hospital

Mariam Saeed Al Nuaimi
Organizing Member, Senior Operations Officer-Oncology Services
Tawam Hospital

Saleema Al Junaibi
Organizing Member, Acting Training and Career Development Manager
Tawam Hospital


Amal Al Darmaki
Organizing Member, Marketing Officer, Marketing & Business Communications Department
Tawam Hospital

Khuloud Dahi Al Sheryani
Organizing Member, Edad Trainee, Marketing & Business Communications Department
Tawam Hospital

Amna Al Otaibi
Organizing Member
Marketing Officer, Marketing & Business Communications Department

Tawam Hospital

Aysha Al Aryani
Organizing Member, Head of Media Centre
Tawam Hospital

Hassan Hazime
Organizing Member, Assistant Education Officer
Tawam Hospital

Mahmoud Hassan
Organizing Member, Associate Director of Nursing
Tawam Hospital

Salman Ahmed
Organizing Member, General Ledger Manager – Finance Department
Tawam Hospital

Manal Al Tenaiji
Organizing Member, Purchasing Officer – Procurement Department
Tawam Hospital